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Oh, hello, spoiler alert!

Don’t even TRY and read this if you haven’t watched Something Borrowed or read the book or plan on doing either, because I pretty much spill the ending from the get go. And then some. 😉

I loved Something Borrowed. I loved that the lovable and quirky good girl, Rachel, got the gorgeous guy, Dex.

 I like the realism of the fact that they were scared or just so comfortable with the way people have perceived them that they let people get away with walking all over them – at first. It made the characters relatable. But then they “manned up” and when they did man up, it was clear they were hesitant and fighting their wants to do the right thing. Again, relatable. Again, human and realistic.

 I’m not saying this one’s up for an Oscar. Far from it. I’m just saying I liked how messed up they were when they realized they were in love with each other. Doesn’t love always muck things up even just a bit in real life?

 But back to the movie…

 I absolutely loved Ethan, of course. He was amazing in all his one-lined witty glory. I’m kind of sad because I know who he ends up with at the end of the second book, Something Blue. His awesomeness and that undeniably sweet soul of his would be wasted on the woman. I’m biased, I acknowledge, but really he’s just this adorable bundle of male perfection. Less shiny and gorgeous than Dex but every bit as amazing. If Rachel could have realistically had two guys, I would want her to have Ethan as well. Just saying.

  This guy is just adorable as hell and I’m annoyed that he got straddled with the girl he ended up with. He deserves his own Rachel (…Or maybe a Rachel clone? Lol. Crazy, yes, but what the heck? This is my opinion. You’re thanking your lucky stars I’m not a movie critic, aren’t you? lol) and I almost did root for him. I don’t know if he deserved to end up with the woman he falls for in S. Blue, that he deserved such a romance and if said girl even merits it. I just don’t like her.  (I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t read Something Blue. No, this isn’t in the movie. It’s from the books. Crossover ranting. Sorry!).

  Taken from another POV though, it would be coup for him to end up with that girl. So maybe I’ll just worship his cute-author-slash-cool-and-loyal-best-friend-character and say cheers to the man for getting that girl-who-everyone-loves-and-wants-to-be (although by the end of the movie I didn’t like her and a large number of people who read Blue were annoyed her for most of the book. Lol). Although I really wanted him to get a legitimate shot with Rachel. Hehe. This is the fault of one particular scene in which I almost – ALMOST – change allegiances from Dex to Ethan. Well actually I did, but just for that scene. He was so painfully sweet, you just had to commiserate with him.

 Then the part where Darcy finds out and it blows up in Rachel’s face… Damn. It was heart-wrenching to watch, as I’m the type of person who values friendship greatly, and theirs was the kind you would want to have for life. They were thisclose and suddenly everything is ruined and it can’t go back to that beautiful (if, somewhat unbalanced – because Darcy’s an insecure attention whore) friendship. It was horrible because no matter what each other’s faults were, these two loved each other like sisters and were the best of friends. But as bad as the fight was, it was needed for all of them to grow. At least the facing of reality was quick, ripping off the bandage quick.

 I’m against cheating. It’s wrong, and their scenes, always got me worked up, hoping one of them would just come clean to Darcy. But there are cases that are exceptions to the rule. People will say that a lot in defense of doing the wrong thing, but this time it’s actually true. In this instance I feel that Rachel and Dex got cheated first. They got cheated out it by an overeager, spotlight-chasing Darcy. So yes, I don’t usually condone cheating, even in fiction (it just sort of adds an allure to real-life stepping out, encouraging the cheating, so it bugs me even in fiction). People get hurt, lives torn apart. Dramatic? It also happens to be true. So like I mentioned before, I was for a lot of scenes cringing and muttering how they should just tell Darcy. Because it’s just better to be up front, yeah?

 You can say that this is another cold, hard fact of life: some people just aren’t meant to be together. And that’s it.

 Anyways, this was different. It wasn’t this cruel, insulting, planned deceit but something that was meant to happen from the very first. It just got derailed by the sheer brevity of Darcy. It reminds me of Feast of Love. You can’t just control true love. If it is true love, as it is in the movie, find it and don’t let the lustre diminish. Fight for it. Hard.

 But on to why I loved this movie so much. The girl gets the guy, right? But it’s more than just that happy ending, walking-off-into- the-NY-sunset formula.

 It’s rare for the good, accomplished yet average nice girl to get the guy that’s a stereotypical prince charming. He is! He’s like a walking, talking ad for male perfection (none of the cheesiness and more of the hot-damn). And Rachel got him.

 A lot of 80s films actually had this ending. Maybe even the early 90s ones? Yet lately movies have been giving us the girl-gets-cute-best-friend or girl-finds-the-geeky-soulmate version. Think 27 Dresses, or John Tucker Must Die or She’s Out of My League or even Burlesque. Sure the nice, geeky is just as perfect. Ethan is Exhibit A of that point… And the guy best friend is usually the better choice in rom-coms.  Yet I still can’t help but  want the out-and-out fairy tale, okay? Something Blue served it up. Minus Richard Gere’s private jet, but just as lovely.

 Furthermore, it is equally rare for Mr. Perfect to see what a great person, woman, that girl is from the get go. Even without any of the requisite, much-hyped about sparkle, Dex got it.

 Dex in all his glossy perfection fell for the girl without any life-altering experience to nudge him in that direction. He got to know her and he was hooked, no fabulous insight-rendering moments or flick of the switch light bulb moments. He was just drawn to this girl through the normal, everyday means of life at the very beginning of the story. He fell without flowery, romantic moments, just going through the motions of real life . Also, he loved her and was in love with her for so long, it’s kinda impressive.

 This part really drew me in. Let’s be honest. The picture perfect woman? Not real. In this world, we’re all a bit quirky and flawed. We all can’t be fabulously outgoing, ultra-confident glamour pusses. We can’t but we can still win.

Simply by being yourself, by going for what you want. Rachel stuck to her guns so to speak. It gave gave a messy realism to the romantic comedy, IMO.

 In life you do what you have to do to be happy. Not in a step-on-others-and-destroy-lives way but in the sense that you stand your ground and fight for that chance at happiness. You deserve that shot. No apologies, just life doling out curve balls for all of us.

 Yes, I know this is all fictional, but it gives the romantic in me a good feeling. So yay for this movie. I’m totally getting a DVD and waiting with bated breath (lol) for the sequel.