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I forgot to post this on here, as I originally post thoughts on Tumblr. I watched the movie on its first day here. It was every bit as good as I expected it to be.

I cried a little in some scenes. What did you expect? It’s the final one. An end of an era. And some of my favorite characters died (Tonks/Lupin), so I teared up.

One thing though…

Where’s Lupin’s kid at the end? I hated that Tonks & Lupin died. When I first read the book I was inconsolable. Okay only for about a few hours until I got to the ending and saw/read that Teddy was doing okay, and Harry was watching out for him. Still, it was sad. Lupin & Sirius were always one of my favorites and they died. Anyways, back to Teddy Lupin. I was looking forward to that scene in the movie when they take the kids to board the Hogwarts Express. And they didn’t even show him. Or maybe they did and my nephew who was fidgeting beside me just distracted me.  Did they? I didn’t see Teddy! *rages* Total buzzkill. :/

On the upside, Neville was awesome. He, Lune and the honorary “uncles” are the best ever. So I’m glad one of my favorites had his day in the spotlight.

And… once you’ve seen pictures of Matthew Lewis in real life, you can never quite go back to seeing him as Neville-the-funny-looking-one.​ You keep expecting him to morph into that hot guy from the premiere. Geez, Tumblr, thanks for messing with my mind once again.

So that’s really a lot of things, but yeah. Over all, an epic movie. Probably ties with the first one as my choice movie of the HP film series. For the books though, it’ll always be The Prisoner of Azkaban.