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Going to Danjugan to swim with the fishes and  turtles!

I think I’m the only one who doesn’t have a biology degree. Admit it. Nursing is a bit unrelated… And then they asked me to apply for a full-time position as a coordinator of a program they’re setting up. *died-of-happiness*

Then reality slapped me back to life. More decisions to make, apparently.

FU, reality.

Almost everybody here at home is excited for me. My dad just “pouted”, pointed out how I talked about that Humanitarian Action master’s degree and asked me about moving to Chicago.

Nice one, Dad. Even my sister (who’s a nurse in Chicago) is happy and excited. But my dad? Nope, wants me to go “see the world” first or maybe he just wants to get rid of me. :/ He was excited about me being a nurse & getting to really work then save up for traveling.

To be honest, IDK what I’m gonna do. I’ll be working at this reef/rainforest organization for a minimum of 2 years. There’s flexibility for sure, but I’d feel guilty about having to take a month or so off to go on a trip to the US if I took it.

Also, I’ve sort of set goals on a health-related NGO. I even have a 5-year plan! :O Yes, I’m OC like that… Then there’s the fact that it’s here. My family, despite their happiness for me, really want me to move. I think they realize how living here is suffocating me. It’s not the place (I love living in a city an hour from the mountains and an hour or two from beaches) but the people. Ugh. Except for friends I’m really close to, I’m sick of people here. Closed-mindedness & petty drama & not giving a fuck about what’s going on. Conversations are going stale. This is one of the reasons why my sister & parents easily convinced me to take Nursing, so I’ll have the option to leave.

Now I’m confused about what to do. I’m going to go and think about this. Maybe something will click by Monday. I hate being mature/grown up. 6-year-olds take their carefree days for granted. Can I be six again? Real life is scary.