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My mom’s been dragging me to various events & projects lately. (I get my volunteering fervor from her, I think. ) This in addition to my following up license registration & processing.  Used to do this all the time in college  – one project or activity after another – with student government & various organizations, but I think I got used to the laxity of just having review & the occasional GP activity. So this week blindsided me a bit. Caught unawares. Hate it. Must get back into more projects.

But one good thing I got out of the seemingly endless stream of daughter duties (in other words acting as personal  assistant to my mom) is that I got to listen to the President, Noynoy Aquino, thank volunteers from my province for their work. He was grateful not just for their  campaign work but more importantly for the projects they’ve initiated in partnership with his administration. Since his election into office, various NGOs have worked to do numerous housing, community outreach, livelihood and fundraising projects that focus on social issues geared towards change.

What Pres. Aquino emphasized when he was running for office was to make a change, implement reform, but more importantly to set up a sustainable way of creating that change. So he was glad that NGOs around the country, including here in my province, have started their own ways to do so. He says he’ll be retiring in 2016, but these works by volunteers will continue beyond his term, which was what he hoped for. It’s sustained reform, a change fueled by the dedication of everyday citizens hoping to make the country of ours stronger… so that every Filipino’s tomorrow (not just those in power) will be a brighter one indeed.

So this is my wake up call. Get more active, do something productive.

Two volunteer meetings this week… But first, get some sleep TONIGHT.