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No. 😦 I respect your right to freedom of expression, but violence is NEVER necessary.

Watching CNN last night… Anderson Cooper reported he & his cameraman got into some trouble, getting kicked, pushed around and chased.Protesters tried to take their camera away, not noticing Anderson was capturing it all on his camera phone. Several other journalists have had similar problems in Cairo. :/

While I respect the various groups’s right to assembly, to protest over the state of their country and to choose their leader, I wish they would do it peacefully. I’m worried that because of the violence, the people’s voice and their reasons for protest will be overshadowed.

Ousting a leader with people power & no bloodshed – it’s been done before. Here in my country. And in other places as well. They can do it in Egypt. It can happen anywhere when people have the same hopes & dreams for their nation.

I’m hoping there will be a better alternative in making their pleas and demands heard. Something better than the violence. Also hoping for a good conclusion for everyone in Egypt.