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If I could spend one summer anywhere in the world, it would be in Italy. Why? Because it’s Italy. One summer is even long enough to get your fill of this land, its people and its culture. You can’t get enough of it in a few days. Trust me, I tried my damnedest.

A beautiful country that’s just waiting for you to fall in love with it, Italy will hold you captive within days (even hours?) of getting to know it. There is always an event to go to, architecture to see, people to talk to, gorgeous views to capture on film.

There is an abundance of great places you can spend a summer in – the world is awesome that way, full of diversity and beauty at every turn –  but I feel that Italy would be a good place for me.

It’s so different and yet so much alike to my home country, because of the Italian people. They’re nice, friendly and generally happy. Italians also love their country in an unselfish way, because they want to share its beauty with visitors. In some cities and countries I’ve been to, this is not the case. The locals tend to snub tourists and keep to themselves, but while I was in Bari last year, I found locals going out of their way to help out with things like getting around or suggestions for sights we absolutely musn’t miss. Maybe it’s just in Bari that it is like this, but I get the feeling that it’s this way for all of Italy. The people are warm and their identity is so strong, you get drawn into their world and culture so fully. It’s a good experience when traveling, IMO. Nothing like finding depth when you’re on a holiday. 🙂

And then there’s the old world feel. The buildings and landscapes are just so magnificent and classic, that in a way, it’s almost like you’ve been transported to another time. You could get lost in its amazing  labyrinths of ancient ruins, preserved monuments and buildings. Then you want time to stand still at sunset, when the rays of sunshine light up the structures. It’s a bit of a fairy tale, really, one I wanted to get stuck in. You’ve seen pictures. I don’t need to explain further. 🙂

And who can forget the food? The food and the culture is wonderful. I’d like to learn to cook there. Their food is off-the-charts. From hotels to restaurants to little hole-ine-the-wall-cafes, I’ve discovered new dishes and new twists to old favorites of mine. Eating there is an adventure, even for a vegetarian like me. Learning the language would be lovely. I’d like to find out more about their beliefs, religion/faiths and traditions. All the little things that make Italy, Italy.