Hello, New Deficit Plan!


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Obama, why are you so f*cking awesome, man? 🙂

“You know what’s right. It’s time to do what’s right.”

“You know what’s right. It’s time to do what’s right.” Obama on supporting the new deficit plan, which raises millionaires’ taxes instead of heaping all the tax raises and burdens on the average American. (image by marian16rox.tumblr.com)

The new plan will tax rich people more (because duh they can afford it) instead of heaping all the tax raises and deficit burdens on the average American. This plan helps the middle class, the poor & the disadvantaged from taking the brunt of the recession woes.

And thank you Warren Buffett for the insight. According to the multi-millionaire & philanthropist, his staff pays higher taxes than he does and he says that it’s not right. He says that wealthy people must pay more because they earn more. He (a rich man himself) clearly said that it’s unfair . Amen to that! Yes, unfair, when laws are made to protect the rich and abuse the poor. 

Under Obama’s plan the wealthy need to pay higher taxes. It just evens out the playing field, IMO. If you earn more you should pay more, to help keep your country running. It wouldn’t be fair to raise the taxes on the average American while the wealthy whom many Republicans protect (& get funding from) get off scot-free.

The American public need to understand that many Republicans may veto this plan of Obama’s, simply because they want to protect the wealthy or their own business interests.  I hope those Republicans (& any Democrats who fight this) choke on their vetoes.

…All this & I’m not even American. Lol. They must be twice as passionate about this right now. I hope.